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Road Striping Across Florida

One of the many services we offer and specialize in is roadway markings.  With a large fleet of trucks and machines, we can handle any size job, from roads in a gated community to the interstate, we have you covered.  We offer around the clock service and guarantee dependable personnel, excellent service and superior quality for all of your roadway striping needs.  

Flexible scheduling keeps your job on time.  Time lost is money lost, and on a large construction project, time lost due to weather and scheduling conflicts can devastate your budget.  With our fleet of trucks as well as experienced and knowledgeable crews allows us to work on your schedule and to be available when you need us to get the job done.

There are two most common types of materials used in Florida for pavement markings.  Both applications have very different characteristics when it comes to longevity and durability when applied correctly.  Southwide has the experience to install all types of pavement markings.  When deciding which type of material to use, an owner/agency must consider a number of factors such as: pavement type and condition and the desired frequency of restriping.  


Traffic paint is the most widely used pavement marking material.  It is the lowest initial cost marking material and can be used on all pavement surfaces as both temporary and permanent marking.  


Enviromentally friendly and easy to clean it contains no Volatile Organic Components (VOC’s).  It is based on a proven acrylic emulsion technology and is formulated for use in a wide range of applications.  Our paint is FDOT tested and approved and can be applied over any existing material on any pavement surface.  It dries to “no track” in 2 min or less under standard conditions which minimizes traffic control in most cases.  


Referred to as High Build paint, it is a more durable version of traditional water-based paint.  It is applied thicker and lasts twice as long as regular paint.


Striping is a vital part of road paving jobs and thermoplastic is the best choice for finishing the project.  It has dominated the traffic marking industry for decades and continues to be the product of choice because of its durability, long wearing traits and reflectivity.  If you are looking for a road marking method that will last for several years thermoplastic is indeed your very cost effective solution based on its balance between cost and performance longevity.

Thermoplastic is a granular material that consists of pigments, binders and glass beads that becomes a liquid when heated to 400 degrees.  One unique characteristic of thermoplastic striping is the use of glass beads in the material making it reflective as the material wears.  Thermo is ready for use almost immediately, once it is applied it starts to harden as it cools making lane closures minimal if any.   

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I have been in the striping business over 31 years. Twenty-one (21) years with FDOT and ten (10) years with Palm Beach County. In my opinion they’re one of the best striping companies in South Florida and I highly recommend Southwide.

Larry T. Kelly

Construction Coordinator, Palm Beach County Engineering & Public Works - Traffic Division

Southwide takes the guesswork out of your signage and striping needs.  The entire staff and personnel are great to deal with.  Any issues or conflicts are resolved quickly because of their knowledge of the standards and design.  I am always pleased with the final product that they provide.

Brian Coblentz

Project Manager, Community Asphalt Corp.

We have completed large DOT projects to small health centers together and always had great results. Clients range from FDOT, City of PSL, DR HOrton, Pulte Homes, AV Homes, St. Lucie County, Indian River County, Publix, etc. The list goes on and on. 

We currently have projects throughout the tri-county area that Southwide are under contract to do.

I fully recommend Southwide Industries to all in the industry.

Dave Morgan

Vice President, Guettler Brothers Construction


In today's fog of contractors constantly requesting extra work orders, Southwide's " get it done" and " whatever it takes" attitudes is a breath of fresh air. This impressive quality is a shared trait with all Southwide's foremen and it's a company mantra. I have stood with Southwide and they have battled the elements, dried a wet road and even cleaned miscellaneous debris all in the shared effort to open the road in a timely manner. 

Southwide Industries has never let me down, and for that reason they will be the only Roadway Striping Company I will call when I'm in the South Florida Area. 


Ricardo Baraybar, P.E.

Assistant Project Manager, PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.